The Greek Psychiatric Journals: 1902-2004
C. Varlami, H. Christopoulou-Aletra

Diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder
V. Karpouza, I. Gkolia, N. Ikonomides, G. Kontopoulou, M.G. Papadopoulou

Psychological sequlae of acquired brain injury in children and adolescents and the usefulness of neuropsychological assessment
G. Liamaki

Semantic ambiguity and epilepsy
Z. Kouvatsou, R. Pita, V. Kimiskidis, E. Lazaridou, D. Kazis, S. Papagiannopoulos, A. Kazis

Urinary catheterization in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Benefits and consequences. A prospective, observation study
M. Vikelis, E. Voutsadakis, B. Kandyla, P. Matsoukas, M. Arvanitis

Cognitive disfunction in MS patients
E. Koutsourarki, S.J. Baloyannis

Folie a deux: Systematic review of the literature and presentation of a clinical case report
S. Zafiris, V. Peritogiannis, E. Zafiri, D. Pappas, V. Mavreas