"ENCEPHALOS": Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, is published on the internet every trimester (15.2-15.5-15.8-15.11.).

Concerns all Greek neurologists, psychiatrists and neurosurgeons.

For further information call Dr. Ms A. Divoli (+3210-7784668 or +3210-7778320, Fax: +3210-7709636.

"ENCEPHALOS" hosts publications in the field of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences, classified into:

  1. Editorials: Short review articles on topical and controversial issues, written upon request of the editorial panel. When they reflect the views of the editorial staff in its totality they appear unsigned. In every other case they are signed.
  2. Reviews: Complete analytical surveys of an issue, with a particular emphasis on current views.
  3. Research papers: Clinical trials, experimental research of a prospective or retrospective nature conducted on the basis of a research protocol fully discussed in the methodology section. These contain first-published results.
  4. Interesting cases: Articles are accepted on contidion that new or rare diseases are concerned, new diagnostic criteria have been applied and a new therapeutic methodology with a verified result has been followed. Reports of general clinical experiences are also accepted.
  5. Current issues: A short description of the latest views on a specific topic.
  6. Proceedings of seminars, round tables, symposia, conferences in all areas of neurology and psychiatry. Monographs featuring topics in these areas will be published as serials, subject to selection by an expert panel.
  7. Letters to the editor-correspondence: "ENCEPHALOS" is willing to publish signed analyses and summaries of books or studies appearing in Greek and foreign periodicals, discussions and critical reviews of articles, pioneering results of papers e.t.c. In addition, it will publish remarks and suggestions concerning its subject matter, as well as information and experiences deriving from neurological and psychiatric centres and generally from practising a speciality. Authors undertake full responsibility for the expression, quality and accuracy of their articles and comments.

Drafting manuscripts

  1. The articles submitted for publication are entered in the order they are received and published on the grounds that they become accepted following decision by the members of the scientific committee appointed on each occasion.
  2. Articles, together with the relevant referral are submitted exclusively to Dr. Ms A. Divoli, 3-5 Igimonos str., GR-157 73 Athens, in three hard copies along with a CD and with e-mail at:
  3. They should be typed on one side of the paper only and double-spaced, with a total of 25 pages.
  4. The first manuscript page should provide the title of the paper, names and affiliations of all the authors, as well as the corresponding author's address and phone number for one compulsory correction.
  5. On the second page, an abstract (up to 300 words).
    On separte pages:
    a) Main summary, headed by the title of the paper and the names of the authors in English (250-300 words).
    b) References conforming to the international standards.
  6. Tables and figures to be placed in the text should provide on the back the authors' names and the title of the paper. No changes are acceptable after publication.

Dear readers, we would like to inform you, that the printed edition of the journal has suspended for financial reasons and all the articles are published only in the Internet.